About Shop Fronts of Sheffield

Here on Shop Fronts of Sheffield you will find shop fronts in all their guises –  old, new, strange, beautiful, hand painted, lit up, fading, obscure or simply interesting.  You will not find shop fronts from anywhere else.  However I will add links to similar sites featuring shop fronts as and when I become aware of them.

This site was officially launched on 25 August 2013 and was inspired by the original Shop Fronts of Sheffield set up by Tom Dabner.  I contributed to the original blog along with others including Tom himself.   After inspiring fellow photographers with his site Tom made the decision to move away from Sheffield.  Toms commitments elsewhere meant he did not have time to maintain the original blog and so his Shop Fronts blog was left dormant. Tom has agreed to me continuing what he started.   It is with thanks to his hard work, energy and blessing that this site is up and running.  Click HERE to view Toms original Shop Fronts blog.
On Toms original site he gave credit to Emily Webber who set up the London Shop Fronts.  In continuing Toms work it is right that Emily is also acknowledged here.  Emilys blog is HERE 
I welcome comments about the featured shops.  In particular if people can add to the history of a shop or know facts about when it first opened or anything that offers more information then please feel free to use the comments box beneath each shop post.
I am open to suggestions so if there are shops you would like to see featured on the blog then drop me a line using the contact box.  I will respond as soon as I am able.
In future I hope to accept submissions for inclusion on the blog.   Until I have time to administer submissions effectively the photographs on this site will be from my camera only and remain copyright of shopfrontsofsheffield.com
By entering your email address into the subscription widget on the side menu you will receive updates when new shops are added to this site.
Thanks for stopping by
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