The Front Parlour, 300 Sharrow Vale Road

  • Front Parlour 2013 SHeffield S11

    The Front Parlour,  300 Sharrow Vale Road, Sheffield, S11 8ZL

    Telephone 0114 268 4068

    Photograph taken 14.09.2013

    See also an earlier shop front for The Front Parlour taken in 2011 HERE


    The Front Parlour first opened its doors in 1979.  It was then run by Betty Nash, mother of the present owner Jane Grant.  Originally the shop was to sell just antiques and jewellery.  In the early 80’s Betty decided to clear out some of her old clothes and shoes and put a few pairs of her shoes in the window of the shop.  To her surprise just at that time her old clothes happened to be back in fashion!  It was the time of post punk, electronica and new romantics.  Soon the shop was doing a roaring trade in vintage clothes.   Among her regular customers were people from ABC, The Human League and other young trend setting hipsters of the era.  It’s good to know that the shop that helped out Phil Oakey and Martin Fry is still going strong in 2013.


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