Local Trading Co, Foam and Upholstery Supplies. 2013

  • Local Trading Co, Foam and Upholstery Supplies, Sheffield S2

    Local Trading Co, Foam and Upholstery Supplies, 207 London Road, S2 4LJ

    The Local Trading Co have been trading from this shop on London Road since it was established in 1946 by Israel Patnick.  Since then it has passed through three generations of the same family and is presently run by  Martin Patnick.  Before Martin the shop was run by his father Ken.  This shop may well be the oldest business on London Road.  It is great that after more than 75 years they are still trading and remain untouched by technology.  Should you pay a visit to the shop you are guaranteed a warm welcome.

    Click HERE to view a small collection photographs inside the shop.

    Click HERE to view the shop front taken in 2011

    Photograph taken on 30.8.2013


  • 5 thoughts on “Local Trading Co, Foam and Upholstery Supplies. 2013

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    3. Bought webbing here many years ago to make a bed for my son. Bought foam to repair my sun lounger and now need canvass to make a rag rug. Super shop, great service.

      • It is indeed a super shop and one of the longest surviving shops on London Road. It has always been in the hands of the same family. It feels like you are walking into a past age and reminded of how pleasant and personal shops used to feel. I offered to send some images to the owner but he doesn’t have a computer. How refreshing to see that some people can live at a pace not governed by modern technology. I have purchased foam and some material that I wouldn’t have been able to buy anywhere else let alone know where to look online. It is a unique shop with friendly helpful service and is one of my favourite shops, although sadly I don’t have reason to shop there very often. Have you seen the photographs of inside the shop on my other blog here: https://postcardcafe.wordpress.com/2013/08/30/local-trading-co-foam-upholstery-supplies-sheffield/
        Thanks for stopping by taking time to leave a comment. Best wishes…

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