K R Autos, 522 London Road

  • K R Autos.  Sheffield S2

    K R Autos, 522,London Road, S2 4HQ

    The building presently occupied by K R Autos was once the main station building for Heeley railway station.

    Heeley railway station was a railway station in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. The station served the communities ofHeeley, Meersbrook and Lowfield and was situated on the Midland Main Line near London Road on Heeley Bridge, lying between Sheffield Midland station and Millhouses railway station. The station was opened at the same time as the main line from Chesterfield was opened in 1870. At opening the station had two platforms but following the widening which took place between 1901 and 1903 this was increased to four. Heeley station was unusual as it was an elevated station with subway access from below to the platforms. It closed in June 1968 at the same time as Millhouses railway station. The station building still exists and is used as a spare car parts shop, though no trace remains of the platforms.

    The subway is also still present although both entrances have been blocked in; the entrance on London Road can clearly be seen and iron railings are present, as well as lots of trees which grow there now.
    The station was built high up alongside London Road, a major arterial road (previously called London Road South), and the massive railway stonework dominates the district of Heeley Bottom. When it was built the main road and River Sheaf were diverted so that the station had enough space for all its platforms and sidings. Today all that can be seen is an overgrown forbidden wasteland with the modern railway running through the middle on a pair of lines. At either end of the former station are the remains of huge railway bridges which still stand in part, where the slow lines ran alongside the remaining fast line. The station entrance was opposite a cinema, the Electric Palace.
    Unlike the Beauchief and Millhouses stations further south down the line, few pictures exist of Heeley station in operation because of its elevated position, the other two stations were alongside road bridges which the platforms could be photographed from, whereas Heeley station was the tallest structure in its surroundings. Heeley Development Trust have plans to create a sustainable travel centre in the old station buildings, should the station ever re-open.

    At some point part of the building was also a post office as can be seen in the photograph HERE

    Photo taken on 21.3.2009


  • 2 thoughts on “K R Autos, 522 London Road

      • Ah ha! That’s the sort of information I like to read. I’ve just been doing some searches and it appears to be the site of the old Heeley railway station! I’ll dig a little further and update the post… Cheers Dave 🙂

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